Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Notes and Pics From February 5th Meeting

Monday night was just as cold as it could be in Michigan but inside we were a cozy group as we looked at all of the swatches we've completed so far for our Estonian lace study. A couple of the members have designed garments using some of the stitches. I will post some of the pictures. If your picture isn't included, don't feel bad. Some of the swatches didn't show up well because I need to improve my digital photography skills. Faina showed us a stretchy cast-on (I've posted the link to Rosemary's site in the Links We Love section). She also showed us a new way to do a provisional cast on which I will post some how if I can figure out a link or who to credit the technique to. Email me if you know. Thanks. Mary
PS. before I post the swatches, here is a picture of some hand spun suri alpaca and a weaving sampler spun and woven by Sharon. She will be weaving a shawl for the suri alpaca owner and the sampler is a tool for choosing which stitch to use. The yellow sampler afghan was knitted by Annis.

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Beth said...

For that provisional caswt on look at this link
It is described but I haven't seen a place with pictures.
I'd better try it soon before I forget what Faina did.